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    If you haven't seen it, it's time to see it. Sam Cannon's most recent edit is here for the books. Filming this was a ton of fun, peep it. Also, follow Sam on Snapchat: @skpcannon he posts ridiculous tricks, almost every day.

    More... Nov 15, 2016

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    String Crew members that are featured in the edit: Tim Nygaard, Molly Craig, Bubba McComb, Kalvin Govier, Nikki DeOcampo, Noah Giese, Curtis Simpson, Donovan Roubsouay, Lauryn Struck, Sara Rutherford, Ian Gonzales, Brandon Turner, and Will Mar.

    More... Nov 14, 2016

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    I filmed these tricks around a year ago, and got around to editing them here recently. A few were some fun tricks, others were some tricks I've been wanting to hit for a while. Hope you guys enjoy!

    More... Nov 14, 2016

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    Adi started making this awesome vlog from MKO. This is his day one video! Gotta love the travel edits :)

    More... Nov 13, 2016

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    More... Nov 13, 2016

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    Drew Sanger Edit 8 is finally out after almost a year of filming. Thank you to everyone in my life who has supported Kendama. Without you guys. I am nothing....

    More... Nov 13, 2016

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    I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE SONG USED IN THIS VIDEO! Used some clips that i had on my computer! hope you like it

    More... Nov 13, 2016

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    I got this Kendama from Colin Sander last year at the battle in Seattle. Decided to pick it up and give it a little sesh! Hope you enjoy! Colin Sander, This ...

    More... Nov 13, 2016

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    Filmed this a while ago! thinking about making a second addition to this series! What do you guys think?

    More... Nov 13, 2016

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    I spent a month during the summer of 2015 journeying through Colombia and spreading kendama love, all the while having some of the most amazing experiences of my life, witnessing the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen, and meeting the most wonderful people. This video isn't full of the nastiest kendama tricks I've ever filmed, but rather is my humble attempt to paint a portrait of the many adventures I had in a country I absolutely fell in love with. I truly hope that watching this video will allow you all to get a glimpse into one of my deepest passions, both in my personal life and in my studies at Stanford: Latin American culture. Huge shoutout to @kendamacolombia for being such an amazing friend during my travels. You killed it amigos!! Thanks for everything, and get hyped for more travel footage both in and out of Latin America! Un abrazo, Willy P.

    More... Nov 9, 2016

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    by Willy P

    Techy Tricks. Peep!

    More... Nov 9, 2016

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    Cody Griz came across this video today looking through Youtube. Def one of the funniest videos i've seen in a while :D

    More... Nov 9, 2016

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    The Minnesota Kendama Open 2016 was an amazing success this year. If you don't know, the MKO is the biggest kendama event in America and is held by us here a...

    More... Nov 7, 2016

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    It happened.

    More... Nov 4, 2016

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    The greatest 2-hour bonus footage of an epic Trip to Japan. Thanks to these guys, Kendama is where it is today. @Yourdy , @htimSxelA , @Grandpa Sandz , @KendamaUSA. Thanks boys! "During our pilgrimage trip to the birthplace of kendama, we worked hard to lace new and next-level tricks, and assembled them in our Japan-Tour edit, a heavy hitting summary of the stompage that went down. Now you can dig deeper into everything that goes into making the highest profile kendama-edit of the year. See what it's like to hang for a few days with your favorite pros and dama-enthusiasts. Experience Japan from the perspective that we did."

    More... Nov 3, 2016

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