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    In his most ambitious edit yet, Colin Sander returns to elite kendama play. He also shares the story of the 'Mugen' Kendama, and it's creator Kazuma Iwata, with never before seen footage from japanese-television vaults. Edit 9 also grants an in-depth look into the sander training-grounds, and the rare kendamas he plays there. With newly invented tricks, and a history lesson for even the most knowledgeable kendama-buffs, Colin's long awaited return to the solo-edit format looks to amaze. tunes: Gorillaz - Stop the Dams Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire - Keep House Gorillaz - California and the slipping of the sun Special Thanks to: Yoko Warburton Kazuma Iwata Jeremy Stephenson Thomas Antonucci Zack Yourd Tori Sander Tamotsu Kubota

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    In the Eighth video of the Kendama-Edit Series, Colin Sander presents the Kendama USA pro-model line.... A completely new Kendama available now at

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    Kendama USA and Colin Sander team up to bring you Kendama Edit #7, A showcase of style, stunts, locations, and all the entertainment that kendama has to offer. Its been a long time coming for number seven of the kendama edit series, so enjoy thoroughly. Thanks.

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    Colin Sander - Kendama Edit #1 Some tricks from our first month playing kendama ( けん玉 ) . The original Kendama edit

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    Throwback to when I Men In Blacked the local CBS affiliate

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