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    Dave was honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Gloken on his recent Spike Hard Catch Low edit #3. During his last trip to Japan for Catch&Flow, Dave was presented by Yukka this rare Jumbo Snow-Gold Musou from famed kendama-maker Kazuma Iwata. Dave told Yukka that he would dedicate the Spike Hard Catch Low edit #3 to Gloken for gifting him this awesome Kendama. From Dave: "The sound and playability of this Kendama is unreal. I did by best to help capture what this Kendama sounds like while being played. It has deep clicks, not too tacky but forgiving tama grip and amazing balance feel. Thank you Kazuma, Yuka, Tomatsu, and Zoomadanke for letting me experience this Kendama. " Special thanks to Takeshi Kamisato (Duncan), Dominic Calimquim (Folken) and Carolina Herrera (E&R) for helping me film. Music : July - Terry Reid

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    For me Kendama in general is many things. I like to think of it as a tool that has helped me get through life. It really teaches patience, keeps you chasing for something new or challenging, and creates an environment that cant be explained unless you are physically there to experience it. Kendama has given me more than I could ever ask for without even asking. If we apply the same efforts and dedication we put into life the way we play Kendama, there would be no end to our perseverance. Give challenges in your life the same chance that you had given to land your hardest trick and move with the same dedication to the next one.

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    Spike Hard Catch Low Edit #1 I hope you all enjoy another fun edit I was able to put together. I truly Miss all my family and friends back in Sacramento who are representing Kendama with Love and support for one another. There has been nothing but grace out here in Atlanta and I wish that all of you there back in California can feel it here with me. I really cannot wait to make an edit with all the Sackendama Community. I know that in time it will be possible. Although I am all the way across in the East. Im here repping for my HOME Sacramento. I miss you all.

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    Heres another BTS look at Flownamic Duo in Japan leading to Catch&flow2016. Not so much trick driven but more of a smooth laid back vibe. Kenyatta Williams and Dave Mateo show you more of the little moments Kendama brings them. With Kanzaki San, Miho and Emi (Kit Corporation) as guide's. Enjoy what happens behind the scenes.

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    Flownamic Duo Kenyatta Williams and Dave Mateo continue to stylize and evolve the way Kendama is played. Here in their 5th installment Flownamic Duo - aliVe ...

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    Take a trip and dig deep with Kenyatta Williams and Dave Mateo. Kenyatta had a chance to visit Dave in Las Vegas for his birthday. See what else the Flownamic Duo gets into. In FDIV you'll find some other hobbies and some behind the scenes of what these two go through. ENJOY. Filmed by: Carolina Herrera, Kenyatta Williams, Dave Mateo Edited by: Dave Mateo

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    Kenyatta Williams & Dave Mateo release a 3rd installment. Flownamic Duo strives for you to continue to Kaizen. Kenyatta and Dave give you complimentary versatility within each others play style in FD3 and continue to revolutionize Kendama for the love.

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    New Tribe team member Kenyatta Williams and Tribute team member Dave Mateo team up yet again. New Flow, style, and tricks to change the way you play.

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    Have you wondered what would happened if you could take two of some of the STEEZIEST players in the the Kendama game. Well here you have it. Enjoy Kenyatta Williams (TwiztaKat) and Dave Mateo (SpikeHardCatchLow) as Flownamic Duo.

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    Tj has embodied a dedication to Kendama and strong work ethic for several years. He has continued to progress his Kendama play, as well as developing skills in videography and editing, helping with the Kusa social media, and hosting Kendama events around the globe. Tj's enthusiasm and motivation for Kendama has been an inspiration to countless Kendama players around the world. In this edit we return to his roots in Lake Tahoe, and follow his Kendama journey to present day in San Diego, California. Tj's pro model features an ash wood ken and tama, quad stripe tama design, and our new super stick paint. How will you make waves? Shot, Directed and Cut by Jake Wiens Locations: Lake Tahoe, NV & San Diego, CA

    More... Oct 16, 2016

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    Mixing two of my favorite activities. More balance stuff is on the horizon :) Don`t stop searching for balance.

    More... Oct 14, 2016

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    A classic video of some OG kendama play. Theese guys were so far ahead back then.

    More... Oct 13, 2016

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    for those that are interested what kind of things we feature in the trick ladder here you are! featuring @ericsmimmo and @robdamatx also Mac with the extra add on trick here

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    Thanks so much to Ronin Kendama for their support of Texas Kendama, Lone Star Spinners, and DFW OPEN!! @ericsmimmo #txkendama #txyoyo #lonestarspinners

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    @Robdamatx Slayin those crazy Kendama tricks Japanese Garden @ FTW Botanic Gardens #txkendama #txyoyo #lonestarspinners

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