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    Sent some clips to a homie to make an edit. never made the vid public but yall can see my newbie tricks in this trick dump. i was pretty excited to get the GS to nightngale. also the in/out kenflip was a first.

    More... Oct 12, 2016

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    A bunch of different combos all incorporating penguin underbird. Filmed / edit on dat iphone

    More... Oct 12, 2016

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    This is my latest banger! have been trying to land it for a while.

    More... Oct 12, 2016

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    by Tonser

    back when i legally (read: internet legally) changed my IG name to instagromTRE

    More... Oct 12, 2016

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    Gang Gang!

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    latest video on youtube showing some og mugen, so dank

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    by Tamago

    Games of Ken are always fun to play. Whether it's a competitive game with your best dama friend or a game of pure fun trying to learn each others tricks, the outcome will only be one winner. Tj Kolesnik and Dylan Westmoreland got together one Saturday afternoon to jam Kendama all day. They decided to play a full 'game of K-E-N-D-A-M-A.' This is a great game to play with 2 people or even a group of 4 to 5 players. Just like P-I-G in basketball, playing K-E-N has the same rules. 1 chance to lace a trick. 2 chances to match the opponents trick. 3rd try or prove it on the last and final letter. Who else should match up against each other? I want to see some intense games here

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    BUY NOW! The marbled paint job has been a staple of the Sweets Kendamas brand since we started in 2010. Just like the kendama, the marble design is timeless. Homegrown team member Thibaut Arcos from France does the design justice with this stylish film. Enjoy.

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    by Tbow

    I thought of these small tips the other day and wanted to share some of my observations from last years MKO. 5 simple tips: 1. Bring granola bars/snacks 2. Put your cellphone away 3. Don't bring too many damas 4. Bring damas for trading 5. Budget your Kendama spending money.

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    Here is everything you need to know to get involved! Be there for food, friends, and FUN! The Orange Jams Every Thursday // 5PM - 8PM 400 S Anaheim Blvd Anah...

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    Check it out if you haven't already!

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    by Micah

    Sometimes practicing for a big competition gets a little repetitive, so I decided to switch it up by combining three tricks into one combo. Here are three combos with nine of the 2016 MKO open division tricks, along with a couple fun individual MKO tricks.

    More... Oct 11, 2016

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    A note on our public soft launch. Also, PLEASE feel free to make a post or spread the word about DS in any way you feel! We love that as influencers you all got an early look. Now we would like to let it trickle down to everyone. Enjoy! -CS

    More... Oct 10, 2016

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    Calling all damadudes and girls. Spread the word. Join the crew. Change kendama. Filmed at NKR2016 Directed by Grandpa Sandz Shot by BallardKROM

    More... Oct 10, 2016

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