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    Original Release- December 10, 2012 Kendama is more than just a toy. It is the focal point of a community of people brought together by a common passion. From…

    More... Sep 26, 2016

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    This is "Imada Hiromu: Portrait of a Kendama Sensei" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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    Join the KUSA crew and friends on a kendama filled journey though Japan. Train to train and district to district the squad busts out dama stunts with style. ...

    More... Sep 26, 2016

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    by JERO

    The bird trick took us forever

    More... Sep 22, 2016

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    The Kendama USA team shows you the first volume of tricks in your Kendama journey. There are endless combinations with the Kendama; these are just a few exam...

    More... Sep 22, 2016

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    Grain Theory announces their Prospect team, and their signature models! Kristian Aynedter, Nick Two Bears Yturralde, and Nic Stodd.

    More... Sep 21, 2016

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    Colin Sander Launches DOWNSPIKE Kendama Entertainment Network We are pleased to announce the launch of Downspike, a multi-platform network of Kendama culture and entertainment. The “godfather” of Kendama edits, Colin Sander, felt that the community needed a space where they could post edits, get trick tips, organize sessions, and in general just spread the love of kendama through sharing the bets material online. This fall, that need is addressed with Downspike is a network, where users can create their own profiles, post videos, polls, discussions, and more. Users can collect “DS Hype”, which are basically Karma points for contributing to the community. The idea is to gamify, and make kendama fun for those who aren’t elite players. It also offers a forum where users can get trick tips, discuss or organize events, or even directly connect to kendama pros. “Kendama needs a swift kick in the ass right now, and we think this is it”, said co-founder Christian Sander. “It’s impossible to find anything on FKC, and we think this is a much better way to connect dama players”. “Kendama is at a time right now where although it is growing rapidly, we still need a commitment to fostering conversation, building communities, and sharing experiences. Downspike will be a place that content and discussions can exist permanently, can be searched, and eventually I'm hoping it can become a hub for planning, international conversations, event livestreams, & just a place to see the newest and best in kendama” said Colin Sander Downspike is not affiliated with any one brand, but brands are encouraged to create their own profiles and interact with their customers. Brands can also post links to their website and share any videos that they already have on Youtube. Though users will be able to buy/sell/trade used kendamas through the forum, there are no plans for a retail store. The site is media centric, as are its related social pages. For the initial launch, Downspike will be conducting the “DS/GS”, or Downspike Giveaway Series. The DSGS will be a series of several cross functional competitions, with winners being selected by moderators. Contests include things like: My First Dama - short story contest Best Downspike - video contest Top Dawg - Site ranking contest Best Throwback - video contest Username awards etc If you would like to sponsor the DSGS, please contact Christian Sander at (310) 270-3247. Official sponsors will have their brands featured in the DSGS trailer video and in the article and forums, and will appear “down for the movement” from day one. “A rising tide lifts all boats”

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    Japan this year was a unique experience. We were deeper into the country than we had ever been before. The entire team was together for the very first time. With obligations like the Kendama World Cup, it wasn't easy to find time to just play and lace some tricks. We worked in some stompage for the sake of having memories of this classic era of the team. We are stoked to see it evolve. Kendama play: Keith Matsumura Haley Bishoff Jake Wiens Matt Ballard Dave Mateo Zack Yourd Colin Sander Alex Smith TJ Kolesnik Turner Thorne Shot by: Colin Sander Jake Wiens Dave Mateo Zack Yourd Cut by: Colin Sander Special Thanks: Jeremy Stephenson Tamotsu Kubota Yukka Hyuga Hajime Ishibashi Kazuma Iwata

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    Colin Sander - Practicing Kendama

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    In November 2012 the Kendama USA Pro Team traveled to Japan to explore Kendama's roots, players, and experience the homeland of this game that has changed all of our lives. This is the full length edit of our travels and tricks. Edited by Colin Sander. Made possible by Kendama USA.

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    In his most ambitious edit yet, Colin Sander returns to elite kendama play. He also shares the story of the 'Mugen' Kendama, and it's creator Kazuma Iwata, with never before seen footage from japanese-television vaults. Edit 9 also grants an in-depth look into the sander training-grounds, and the rare kendamas he plays there. With newly invented tricks, and a history lesson for even the most knowledgeable kendama-buffs, Colin's long awaited return to the solo-edit format looks to amaze. tunes: Gorillaz - Stop the Dams Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire - Keep House Gorillaz - California and the slipping of the sun Special Thanks to: Yoko Warburton Kazuma Iwata Jeremy Stephenson Thomas Antonucci Zack Yourd Tori Sander Tamotsu Kubota

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    In the Eighth video of the Kendama-Edit Series, Colin Sander presents the Kendama USA pro-model line.... A completely new Kendama available now at

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    Kendama USA and Colin Sander team up to bring you Kendama Edit #7, A showcase of style, stunts, locations, and all the entertainment that kendama has to offer. Its been a long time coming for number seven of the kendama edit series, so enjoy thoroughly. Thanks.

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    Colin Sander - Kendama Edit #1 Some tricks from our first month playing kendama ( けん玉 ) . The original Kendama edit

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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    Throwback to when I Men In Blacked the local CBS affiliate

    More... Sep 20, 2016

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