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    More... Jun 15, 2020

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    Made a Mini-edit! Context: my SD Card got corrupted. Fortunately, I was able to recover most of the clips on the card, but some of those clips had really bad screen tearing and other "glitches." Instead of letting that hard work go to waste, I decided to make this little zinger of an edit. Hence the title: "A Glitch in the Matrix." Check it out! Music: Andrew Huang - "Pixel Stars" Kendama: Cereal Kendama Homer Mod Shot and Edited by: Emil Apostol

    More... Jun 26, 2020

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    Haley Bishoff shredding in the Nevada Desert for the 2nd release of her V2 Pro Model. 'Create your reality, work towards your goals, live with compassion, and always remember to practice Kaizen.'

    More... Jul 4, 2020

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    ■Player Kazuki Nagata ■Kendama 大空 - 山形工房- Ozora - Yamagata Koubou ■Director Tokunoshin ■Production Afterglow

    More... Jun 14, 2020

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    a month ago i went out of the city to hangout in the forest, so i filmed a couple clips and decided to make a lil edit, hope yall enjoy!

    More... Jun 15, 2020

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    The Open style competition is the most common way to compete in the kendama world. It also has its roots in Japan just like the kendama. From the outside perspective it can be a little difficult to grasp the rules. Joshua Grove and Cooper Eddy break down an entire match so you can see all the different scenarios that can take place. Go out there and practice from a list of our tricks to compete in the next tournament or just with your friends! Enjoy. We have an online kendama competition coming up soon, and its open to the public! Heres more info. We are excited to announce the Sweets Kendamas Online - Summer Series! This is an online open style competition. That means players of all skill levels are welcome to come battle head-to-head over Zoom!

    More... Jun 25, 2020

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    Filmed a while ago, worth a watch. Hit around quint inward whirlwind ;)

    More... Jul 2, 2020

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    The Kendama USA Team decided to whip up some tricks during the shelter in place these past few months. Super hyped to see what the team put together for this edit! We hope you enjoy!

    More... Jul 6, 2020

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    We are very excited to announce the brand new Matt Sweets mod to commemorate his move to the Sweets Legend Team! Without Sweets' passion for spreading kendama love, there would be no Sweets Kendamas. He's an amazing player, friend, businessman, and father. Matt secured his Legend status years ago through all he has done for kendama and our community. We are so stoked that this kendama is finally ready for you all to see! Matt has put a ton of time into both the design of this kendama, and how it plays! From unique engravings to custom wood lamination in the BOOST ken & tama, this kendama is fully Sweetsified.

    More... Jul 11, 2020 at 8:25 AM

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    Here’s another TTF I put together, been having fun lately creating some content. More to come. Let me know what you think! What worked and what didn’t?

    More... Jul 12, 2020 at 11:17 PM

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    by L-Ride