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    One day shot (GoPro) and cut (iPhone) edit of a productive day I whipped up in a hurry, hope you enjoy! Damas’s used: Goon - Terra LilMatch - Kusa Irregularity- Analog @ride_the_dama

    More... Jan 10, 2020

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    by L-Ride

    EDIT #3!!! This is a kendama video I made to pay tribute to one of the roughest years of my life. Law School was particularly brutal, and I was going through a few personal problems, but I'm still slaying and that's a victory. Slay on, everyone!!!

    More... Dec 30, 2019

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    Quick POV "Edit" on the SOL Liam Mod had to recharge my Vitamin D levels and felt like recording @damasloth on IG #stixrowgang

    More... Dec 29, 2019

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    We are proud to announce that Alex Mitchell is officially Sol Kendamas Pro. Alex's pro model is designed after the Tokyo Metro Rail Map. His pro model will be available online starting in February. This edit was filmed in Tokyo, Japan by Kevin DeSoto, Chad Covington, and Wyatt Bray. Pro Model Design by Christian Fraser, Alex Mitchell, and Chad Covington.

    More... Jan 6, 2020

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    Hey Guys! Trying to be a little more active in the Kendama community. I am from Sacramento and I started doing vlogs of our Happy Lemon Seshes. Support of the Channel would be appreciated. Enjoy!

    More... Jan 8, 2020

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    Rodney and Teodore in Japan

    More... Jan 10, 2020

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    The Sweets Life vlog is back! This time the Sweets Kendamas team travelled to Nashville, TN for the Battle at the Border 2020. This is one of the main kendama events in the U.S. and it is held by Chad Covington and Sol Kendamas. This was a two day event and some really epic stuff happened this weekend! Enjoy this vlog and wait till the end of the video for a Sweets Team Edit!

    More... Jan 17, 2020

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