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Discussion in 'DS Exchange' started by ttocsic, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. ttocsic

    ttocsic Slayer

    Sep 28, 2017
    Atlanta, GA
    Need to clean out my collection. Open to offers and can send additional pics and weights if need be. I'll throw in an extra ken or tama plus some strings and stuff for the first few orders.

    In order:
    TJ Kolsenik Pro Mod tama (different from the one in my other thread if you saw that), a few very small chip and some spike bumps like you can see, 7.5/10 $9
    Orchid tama: I've hardly played it, the majority of the marks are the ones you can see in the bevel shot. 8.5/10 $11
    Maple Kaizen 2.0 ken: still pretty pristine, easily 9/10 $12
    teal/red half split: I have two of these, and I'd say they're both probably 8.5/10 $8 each
    Wyatt Bray Pro Mod Ken: great condition, also slaps lunars. The spike isn't exactly sharp but I'd still say 9/10 $10

    PXL_20201117_130614118.jpg PXL_20201117_130622026.jpg PXL_20201117_130748684.jpg PXL_20201117_130752639.jpg PXL_20201117_130710035.jpg PXL_20201117_130718034.jpg PXL_20201117_130724303.jpg PXL_20201117_130812139.jpg PXL_20201117_131013523.jpg PXL_20201117_131019879.jpg
    Nov 17, 2020