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Kendama USA - Scags Bag of Tricks!

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Scags goes INNN on this video. Definitely check this out if you haven't seen it already. There's some real heaters in here

PSA: VIBE OUT and have fun playing.
Use these tricks and transitions to build off of to create your OWN lane in kendama. ❤️


Scag's just dummped out a bag of his tricks to start 2019! Stunt planes, unique transitions, and innovative ways to stomp your favorite kendama tricks!


Cameras used: Canon 80D GoProHero 3 GoPro Hero 4

Kendama play by: Bryan Scagline
Shot, cut, and edited by: Bryan Scagline

Music: ILOVEMAKONNON (ft. Gucci Mane) " Spendin' "

- much love

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Ochee3

    This is awesome!!! my fav trick was 2:02 for sure next level stuff!
  • Chris Shonuff
    Chris Shonuff

    Scag lines are killer