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Daniel Robinson - Kendama Co - Pro Entry

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If you don't already know, Kendama Co was arguably one of the top 3 companies that helped usher in the era of kendama we are in to this day. One of their best players was Daniel Robinson, one of their professionals before Kendama Co shut down. He also goes by @herrodanro, and he is an OG BEAST. His style, creativity, and consistency are unmatched, and he is one of your favorite player's favorite players. Peep some of the slayage that Daniel was banging out back in 2013, and catch him at MKO 2017 this year!
My 2013 Kendama Co Pro Contest Entry. So much time went into this edit, I did my best to display the variety of play styles I enjoy.
Kendamas thrashed: Shenzu, Zen, J-Beast
HUGE thanks to: Scott Rodrigues for doing audio and some filming. Kris Bosch and Avery Young, always throwing down in Spo-Town. The community for it's continuous support.
Song: Hit That Jive by Gramatik

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Qonnor

    That ender omg. Is he sponsored by any companies right now?
  • Cueboc

    Insane! So good. I wish kenco was still around.
  • Elvis Arhinovics
    Elvis Arhinovics

  • Steph Lussier
    Steph Lussier

    The good stuff <3
  • cbwalsh24

    I visited the shop just a few months before they closed.. Daniel was the nicest dude and so eager to help teach me some different tricks. He left the best impression on me for what a kendama player should aspire to be.
  • Dgo

    I love old videos. No mumble rap in them : p
  • rTTn

    Kids today will never know. Dan is an amazing guy. Him and the rest of the Co taught me a lot of stuff before the end of the company