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    MUGEN MUSOUは10年の時を多くの人と関わってきた。 その時間は、とても有意義で、様々な笑顔や感動を頂いてきた。 そしてその繋がりがあったからこそ、ここまで続けて来れた。 この「CHIGIRI~ちぎり~」は、仲間をつなぐ、家族をつなぐ、心をつなぐ、笑顔をつなぐ。 そんなけん玉であってほしい、また繋がりをより強固なものにしていきたい、という願いを込めて作り上げた。 4)技術 木材の割れや、ヒビを防ぐために木材同士を繋ぎ合わせる伝統的な木工技術「ちぎり」を表現した。 メープルとウォルナットそしてアッシュの各パーツを繋ぎ止める「ちぎり」は、 それぞれの木目に合わせ、板目と柾目になるように組んでいる。MUGEN MUSOUの真骨頂だ。 動画協力 ハイレシーツ 動画作成 Soma Fujita

    More... Oct 18, 2023

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    Happy Halloween! The Kendama Discord Server crew set out to get yet another community edit out, spooks, spills, and silliness ensue?!??! Edited by: Isaac Hill (@Wyvernesque)

    More... Oct 31, 2022

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    INFINITY UZU The challenge of new things must be faced with an inquisitive and probing mind. We create and create new paths to follow. When we overcome technical difficulties, we will encounter joy and excitement. Together with you, who can share this excitement.

    More... Sep 16, 2022

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    We are proud to announce Tennessee Bray as the newest member of the Quad Team! Constantly progressing and evolving, Tennessee pushes himself and those around him to accomplish greater feats. Tried and true to his craft, passionate, and hard-working, we could not be happier to have him; Welcome to the family!

    More... Aug 3, 2022

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    Thank you to all who participated in the spring community dama edit, love you all and am so happy for what we created!

    More... Jul 16, 2022

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    Favorite space moon combinations

    More... Feb 26, 2022

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    We enjoyed with High Receipt.s crew in Makuhari. player / Nobu , Kiato , Yasu , Soma shot & cut / Soma

    More... Feb 5, 2022

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    This video showcases all the clips I have been stacking from the last eight months. Some of these tricks are dreamers, that took a few longgg grinds - and each of the four seasons to get. This film is called All Seasons Long because of how bizarre the weather has been in Scotland. Just goes to show we are out here in any coniditions. ;) - Marius --- FOLLOW @mariuscsaunders @soundkendama FEATURING @clarkendama @gellis.dama @coinedtam @ryan_black_king @rbk.dama @paul.slayer @trippy_flows @fiddletrix @violenttesticle MUSIC 90sFlav - Pacific Road Biig Piig - Switch Jill Scott - Golden (Kaytranada Remix) Blackwave. - Elusive (Still) ft. David Nygah SHOT/CUT Marius Saunders --- Sound Kendama is a Glasgow based kendama community and team. We jam regularly so hit us up via the Instagram or email if you wanna meet up! – SK

    More... Feb 2, 2022

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    New Year New Edit! Even if it was filmed on an iPhone

    More... Jan 22, 2022

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    For this edit we flew the whole Sweets Kendamas team into Minneapolis for our annual NAKO (North American Kendama Open). This year the competition was online but we still got everyone together in an airbnb to compete and film this banger edit to end the year off right. Happy new year everyone!

    More... Jan 4, 2022

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    TRACK & TRACE Haley Bishoff putting the new kaizen tracer line up to the test! Bish and Mags ran around during NAKO weekend lacing tricks and catching all those Vegas vibes. This Video is shot all around Vegas from Red Rocks to Downtown it has it all! Haley was on the grind pumping out tricks all weekend as mags was behind the lens and with that said we bring you Track & Trace! Kendama Play - Haley bishoff Shot/Cut - Zach Magnuson Location - Las Vegas, NV

    More... Dec 5, 2021

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    Sick edit from summer 2021 featuring Old Town Kendama and sound kendama. Colab of a Sick T-shirt and a jam

    More... Nov 30, 2021

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    when I first began filming this part I could barely walk but with time and helping from the homies I was able to jam again and work myself back to 100% and I'm very grateful for that:) stay tuned! more is coming now that winter is here @tudbender

    More... Nov 19, 2021

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    Two of the best in the world, doing what they do best. This edit was a blast to make, and these two put in WORK. True step brother energy.

    More... Nov 17, 2021

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    I started this channel in the summer and our second video is coming this friday! to celebrate I'm sharing around the first installment:)

    More... Nov 12, 2021

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