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    when I first began filming this part I could barely walk but with time and helping from the homies I was able to jam again and work myself back to 100% and I'm very grateful for that:) stay tuned! more is coming now that winter is here @tudbender

    More... Nov 19, 2021

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    Two of the best in the world, doing what they do best. This edit was a blast to make, and these two put in WORK. True step brother energy.

    More... Nov 17, 2021

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    I started this channel in the summer and our second video is coming this friday! to celebrate I'm sharing around the first installment:)

    More... Nov 12, 2021

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    Happy ONE YEAR anniversary to the MAGSMOD!!!! The wait is OVER, Pt. 2 is OFFICIALLY LIVE! Tune in for the madness as Pt. 2 features an ENTIRE POV section AND a send to Vegas... yea its wild. Mags went ALL OUT for this one and we are so stoked to finally show the community. Kendama Play - Zach Magnuson, Colin Sander, and Haley Bishoff Film Locations - Cocoa Beach, FL - Atlanta, GA - Las Vegas, NV Shot - Zach Magnuson, Colin Sander, and Haley Bishoff Cut - Zach Magnuson

    More... Nov 2, 2021

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    We've finally made the most playable mini kendama ever and now you can get it. We hooked up the Sweets Team early so they could film some nasty bangers and we made this new team edit! They prove that literally ANYTHING is possible on these Minis! Team members in order of appearance: Johnny Kress Cam Herrero Zack Gallagher Jacob Eames Matt 'Sweets' Jorgenson Christian Fraser Alex Ruisch Emily Caprio Nick Gallagher Brandon Meyer Loren Morasco Cooper Eddy Parker Johnson Austin Donovan Max Norcross George Marshall Joshua Grove

    More... Oct 30, 2021

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    AUSTIN DONOVAN IS A SWEETS LEGEND Austin has been playing kendama longer than we have been a company! From competing in our first ever online comps to purchasing damas from our first ever drop this dude have been sweets for life. We are stoked to have him on the Legend team! Pick up the brand new Austin Donovan Legend Model on Music: All is Lost by Getter Survival Tactics by Joey Badass & Capital STEEZ Sea Shanty by Aweminus Filmed by Ezra Katz Edited by Cooper Eddy Filmed in New York City, New York!

    More... Oct 23, 2021

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    Keep it going, keep it flowing. Cam is the newest member of the Sweets Legend team! Snag his first ever Legend Mod Friday Oct 15 at 4pm CST on

    More... Oct 21, 2021

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    Alex Mitchell takes on the Sol x AE String Collab by stringing up a fresh setup for each trick. 6 strings, 6 tricks.

    More... Oct 18, 2021

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    Planting Seeds is the first NJK team edit! Filmed in April on a team trip to LA, featuring a full part from every member. Watch the whole squad drop some hammers

    More... Oct 4, 2021

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    Sol Pro Alex Mitchell on the KD 1.5 Pro Mod.

    More... Sep 27, 2021

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    Mixtape Volume - 2 is HERE! For those of you who remember Kenyatta's OG Mixtape edit, we now bring you the sequel! Kenyatta's Mix Tape Volume - 2 takes place in sunny San Diego California where Yatta and Mags were sent on a four-day film mission running around stomping tricks! This edit showcases Kenyatta's unique playstyle, endless flow, and the love he has for kendama. We are very excited to bring you guys a fresh Kenyatta edit! Show some love in the comments. Always remember Spike Hard Catch Low. Kendama Play - Kenyatta Williams Instagram - @th0k3n Shot/Cut - Zach Magnuson Instagram - @mags_prod - Kendama USA

    More... Aug 31, 2021

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    We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our team. We met Nowa for the first time in Japan back in 2018, and got to know her more and more each time we visited. We were blown away with her skill, and absolutely loved her personality. Welcome to the team Nowa-chan!

    More... Aug 23, 2021

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    Episode 20 of our 24 part Sol Summer Series here on YouTube. Tune in every Wednesday and Saturday at 5pm CST for a new video! The twentieth episode is a 30 minute kendama sesh with Sol Pro Liam Rauter.

    More... Aug 20, 2021

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    ATL Vibes EP 2 is here!!! Ben & Jay had a crazy trip to ATL to say the lest... Watch these two POP off all around ATL. The Boys had five days to run around and film with Mags last month and we are stoke to share the final video! These two are absolute rippers and we are stoked to have them apart of Kendama Usa. Enjoy the newest addition to the ATL Vibes series! Kendama Play - Ben Bryan & Jay Lawrence Instagram - @benjaminb_kendama @jay_dama_jay Shot/Cut - Zach Magnuson Instagram - @mags_prod

    More... Aug 15, 2021

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    Ben Brain VS 30 min. with a MagsMod!!! Watch our newest tribe team member Ben Brian absolutely crush a 30 minute sesh with a fresh. Ben has such a wide variety of tricks that he showcases in this session, don't blink! Watch the madness for yourself! shot/cut - Zach Magnuson Kendama play - Ben Brian

    More... Aug 1, 2021

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