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    Mixtape Volume - 2 is HERE! For those of you who remember Kenyatta's OG Mixtape edit, we now bring you the sequel! Kenyatta's Mix Tape Volume - 2 takes place in sunny San Diego California where Yatta and Mags were sent on a four-day film mission running around stomping tricks! This edit showcases Kenyatta's unique playstyle, endless flow, and the love he has for kendama. We are very excited to bring you guys a fresh Kenyatta edit! Show some love in the comments. Always remember Spike Hard Catch Low. Kendama Play - Kenyatta Williams Instagram - @th0k3n Shot/Cut - Zach Magnuson Instagram - @mags_prod - Kendama USA

    More... Aug 31, 2021

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    We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our team. We met Nowa for the first time in Japan back in 2018, and got to know her more and more each time we visited. We were blown away with her skill, and absolutely loved her personality. Welcome to the team Nowa-chan!

    More... Aug 23, 2021

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    Episode 20 of our 24 part Sol Summer Series here on YouTube. Tune in every Wednesday and Saturday at 5pm CST for a new video! The twentieth episode is a 30 minute kendama sesh with Sol Pro Liam Rauter.

    More... Aug 20, 2021

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    ATL Vibes EP 2 is here!!! Ben & Jay had a crazy trip to ATL to say the lest... Watch these two POP off all around ATL. The Boys had five days to run around and film with Mags last month and we are stoke to share the final video! These two are absolute rippers and we are stoked to have them apart of Kendama Usa. Enjoy the newest addition to the ATL Vibes series! Kendama Play - Ben Bryan & Jay Lawrence Instagram - @benjaminb_kendama @jay_dama_jay Shot/Cut - Zach Magnuson Instagram - @mags_prod

    More... Aug 15, 2021

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    Ben Brain VS 30 min. with a MagsMod!!! Watch our newest tribe team member Ben Brian absolutely crush a 30 minute sesh with a fresh. Ben has such a wide variety of tricks that he showcases in this session, don't blink! Watch the madness for yourself! shot/cut - Zach Magnuson Kendama play - Ben Brian

    More... Aug 1, 2021

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    The brand new Kendama Movie "Stay on your Tablet" Following the Kendama France family during 6 month, - Da'o shop opening - Muenster Downspike Turnerment - Dama Session in Lyon - Rösti Kendama Cup in Switzerland - Nativ Production in Jura - La France a un Incroyable Talent

    More... Jul 25, 2021

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    This is my 5th long-form kendama edit. I made this to celebrate an important milestone: 5 years of kendama play. Special thanks to Scriva and Watch the World Turn for allowing me to use their song, "Private School." Check it out here: Shot and Cut by: Emil Apostol Kendamas Used: Various kendamas from Cereal Kendama and Krom Kendama. Shout out to Jesus Christ (All for His greater glory), the Philippine Kendama Community, Cereal Kendama, the Obanana Club, goenKendama, and my Family and Friends who have continuously supported me on my kendama journey. #kendama #けん玉 #フィリピン #KendamaPhilippines #kendamaph #obananaclub #cerealkendama #okendama #okendamas #ogang #kendamausa #kusa #sweetskendamas #krom #kromkendama #loftycraftinc #goenkendama #downspike #kendiscord

    More... Jul 11, 2021

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    Episode 5 of our 24 part Sol Summer Series here on YouTube. Tune in every Wednesday and Saturday at 5pm CST for a new video! The fifth episode is a 30 minute kendama sesh with Jman! Beats - Jackson Andrus (@Jman_435 on IG) Shot/Cut - Colin Hislop (@h.slop on IG)

    More... Jun 28, 2021

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    We gathered everyone on Sweets Kendamas for a special spring edit! We have people from the Sweets Team, Sweets Pro Team, and Sweets Legend Team all together stomping some NASTY tricks.

    More... Jun 24, 2021

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    Introducing an all new series to the Kendama USA YouTube channel - ATL VIBES! Our first episode featuring our newest Kendama USA pro LOGAN TOSTA!!! Logan spent four days in ATL running around with Mags lacing tricks, fighting off rain, and catching some ATL vibes. Enjoy the start of our new series! shot/cut - Zach Magnuson Kendama play - Logan Tosta Location - Atlanta Georgia

    More... Jun 21, 2021

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    New edit shot over four days around Glasgow and surrounding areas. Some of these tricks were spontaneous while others have been in my mind for years. The intro trick in particular is inspired by Bonz's intro trick to his KROM pro edit. I saw that trick 5 years ago and thought yes, I want to hit something like that one day. Kendama has been my thing for over six years now and since my last edit, "Alot More in the Pot", which focused on taps, I have tried to level up other apsects of my play including slingers and lunars. Many hours later and I'm somewhere roughly where I want to be but also, no where near where I want to be. My eyes are on tomorrow. Paul

    More... Jun 13, 2021

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    Just wanted to share this for those that may not have seen it. I recently got sponsored by Cereal Kendama (December 2020) and recently released my own pro mod (April) the pro mod edit isn't out yet, due to covid it's been hard to film for it, but hopefully soon Any feedback is greatly appreciated, hope you enjoy the video. Much love all!

    More... Jun 7, 2021

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    by PieDama

    Whole team came out with some bangers to celebrate the release of the new Mount Zig Lignas! -Terra Kendama

    More... May 28, 2021

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    Introducing the Kris Bosch Legend Model.

    More... May 28, 2021

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    9 Year Edit!! I hit my 9 year mark back in January so I’m really stoked to finally have this edit out. Ironically it also took 9 months to get from the start (filming that first “Instagram trick”) to completion (9 total tricks and time for George to edit). It’s hard to hold on to clips you’ve filmed instead of posting them on Instagram as soon as you land them. I really almost did post that first trick on Instagram back in August, that was my original intention when I thought of filming it. Good things take time and part of me didn’t know that when I started this. Before I knew it Summer ended and I got really busy again... If someone told me that it would take me this long to complete this at the beginning, I’m not sure if I would have stuck it out but I’m so glad I did. I hope this inspires people watching to take a break from posting every trick on Instagram and instead to spending some time making your own edit. Nobody’s going to hate you for becoming “less active” on social media so get out there and start filming! SPECIAL THANKS: Sweets Kendamas George Marshall Zack Gallagher Johnny Kress Colin Hislop

    More... May 21, 2021

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